Apart from taking good care of the staff members and their comforts,students are always given the utmost importance. The seating arrangement is quite comfortable and spacious with good ventilation.
KG classrooms have attractive & colorful furniture with bathrooms and separate ayahs.
A dining hut amidst plenty of greenery is provided for parents to come and feed their children during lunch time.
A special play room/kid zone with a lot play equipment and toys is available for KG children. Classes IX & X children are given study material . Office telephone and photo start machine are available for our students as well as staff members.
1 School Bus 2012(Leyland) Model with experienced drivers to pickup children with in the town limits.
One computer lab contains 20 computers. Two qualified and experienced computer teachers to guide the children. The physics laboratory has all the equipment and all facilities to conduct the experiments
Prescribed in the syllabus. Out biology lab contain the required equipment . As per the C.B.S.E guidelines, we have a math’s lab Rs.12000/- worth equipment.


We have a library with 2000 books and a serene atmosphere. Students are encouraged to visit this temple of learning as frequently as possible to improve themselves.
Summary statement of Books available in the library

Sl.No. Subjet No of Volumes
1 English 700
2 Telugu 200
3 Maths 300
4 Social 200
5 Science 250
6 Hindi 200
7 Drawing 50
8 Computer Science 100
T o t a l 2000